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Employee Benefits

This benefit summary is available to and is provided for brief descriptive purposes only and is subject to change. Questions and more detailed information can be obtained from the Human Resources Department at 509-758-4675, or ext. 4750 or 509-769-0148, or ext. 2120. Employment status definitions (all hours are per two-week period and as regularly scheduled) Full-time (FT) 72 hours; Part-time (PT) 48-71 hours; Per Diem/PRN 0-47 hours.

BenefitEligibilityDescriptionWho Pays
Medical/Dental/Vision InsuranceFT - available after successful completion of introductory competency assessment periodTSMH offers Medical/Dental/Vision insurance coverage for all full-time regular employees at hospital’s expense. The program is administered by Regence BlueShield of Idaho. Medical deductible is $500 per year, $1,000 per year per family, with maximum out of pocket expense of $2,500. Dental deductible is $25 per year, $75 per year per family. (dependent vision coverage is not available) Details of coverage explained in Member Handbook available in the Human Resources Department.Tri State Memorial Hospital Pre tax dependent Medical and Dental coverage available at employee’s expense
Paid-Time Off (PTO) Extended Illness Bank (EIB)FT - accrues from date of hire and available after successful completion of introductory competency assessment periodPTO to be used for vacation, holiday, and short term illness/injury. Yearly accumulations include 6 holidays, 2 personal days, 10 to 20 vacation days (accumulation rate varies based on years of service & hours worked) and 6 sick days (48 hours) for illness/injury of 16 hours or less. EIB to be used for long term illness after 16 hours of continuous absence. Annual accumulation of 6 days per year (48 hours) for a FT employee.Tri State Memorial Hospital
Short-Term Disability (STD)FT - available after successful completion of introductory competency assessment periodSTD administered by LifeWise Assurance Company is available beginning fourth day of disability due to sickness , first day for accidental injury and pays a weekly amount of $150 payable up to 26 weeks with a physician’s release from work. STD is used in conjunction with FMLA.Tri State Memorial Hospital
• Cancer
• Accident
FTFT employees may purchase additional disability, cancer or accidental insurance. Contact HR Department for enrollment.Employee
Lincoln 403 B Retirement PlanAll Employees 18 years or older. 100% vested with employer contributions based on length of employmentEmployees may elect to contribute a percentage of their annual compensation to our Lincoln 403 B Plan. Pre-Tax or After Tax (ROTH contributions are available, not to exceed limits of IRC Sections 403(B). Employer contributions begin at the start of year two and are percentage based on years of service. The contributions grid is outlined in the retirement plan booklet available in the HR Department.Tri State Memorial Hospital
Life InsuranceFTFT administered by LifeWise Assurance Company. Basic Life Insurance = $20,000; Accidental Death and Dismemberment = $20,000; Spouse Life Insurance $10,000, and Dependent Life Insurance $5,000. Additional life insurance available for purchase at employee expense.Tri State Memorial Hospital
Flexible Spending Account (FSA)FTFT employees may elect to contribute pre-tax earnings for eligible out-of-pocket health care and dependent care expenses. Administered by Personal Choice Account.Employee
Bereavement LeaveFTTSMH offers FT employees Bereavement Leave, up to 24 hours in a 10 day period in the event of death in the immediate family, payable only for scheduled work days. Immediate family is defined as spouse, parent, parent-in-law, child, sister, brother, grandparent, grandchild. Additional time for bereavement may be arranged through your Departmental Supervisor as PTO or non-paid time.Tri State Memorial Hospital
Tuition AssistanceAll EmployeesTuition assistance is available to employees who average 500 hours over a consecutive six month period for job related training, college degrees, either academic or voc-tech. Eligible employees will be reimbursed 50% of their “out-of-pocket” tuition cost, not to exceed $1,000 per calendar year. (Tuition Assistance reimbursement does not include book costs, miscellaneous fees and/or late fees).Tri State Memorial Hospital
Employee Assistance ProgramAll EmployeesTSMH group health plan offers confidential, short term, professional counseling services for employees (covered under our group health coverage) and immediate family members through Reliant Behavorial Health (RBH). Phone Number 1-866-750-1327.Tri State Memorial Hospital
Pharmacy Prescriptions at TSMHAll Employees.Employees may purchase prescriptions from TSMH Pharmacy for themselves, spouses and dependents under age 25. Insured employees will pay $5 co-pay for generic brands, up to a two month supply and 20% of prescription cost for brand name up to a three month supply. Employees and family members not insured will pay the employee price.Tri State Memorial Hospital
Shift DifferentialsAll EmployeesIncentive pay differentials are paid to employees working evening and night shifts. Evening differential = $1.50 per hour and night differential = $2.75 per hour.Tri State Memorial Hospital
Standby/On-Call Call Back PayAll EmployeesStandby-on-Call pay is $3.25 per hour. Call back, except for low census is paid at 1.5 times the hourly rate.Tri State Memorial Hospital
Cafeteria DiscountAll EmployeesEmployees receive a 25% discount in the TSMH Cafeteria.Tri State Memorial Hospital

Other Benefits Include:

Jury Duty, Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, Direct Deposit of Paychecks free parking and discount for services provided by Tri State memorial Hospital.

These benefits and costs may change from time to time as Tri-State Memorial Hospital adjusts its benefits program.

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