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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

As a patient of Tri-State Memorial Hospital, you have the right:

  • to have a family member or representative and your own physician notified promptly of your admission to the hospital
  • to care that respects you as a person, as well as your values, beliefs and culture
  • to receive care that meets the high quality standards set by Tri-State Memorial Hospital
  • to personal privacy
  • to receive care in a safe environment, free from abuse or harassment
  • to have information about your care and treatment shared only with those responsible for your care
  • to have your pain managed effectively
  • to understand your health status and be part of decisions about your care
  • to be part of decisions about not using or withdrawing lifesaving or life sustaining treatment
  • to have someone make treatment decisions for you, if you are unable
  • to receive help in preparing for your return home or to another facility
  • to assistance with special needs, such as guardianship or protective services
  • to access information contained in your medical record within a reasonable time
  • to be free from any form of restraints, unless medically necessary
  • to report quality concerns or submit a formal complaint

As a patient of Tri-State Memorial Hospital, you have the responsibility to:

  • be accurate and complete in giving your medical history
  • carry identification with you
  • notify caregivers if your health changes
  • ask questions and take part in your health care decisions
  • let us know if you don’t understand any part of your treatment
  • let us know when you are having pain or when your pain is not being managed
  • treat staff and other patients with respect
  • regard other patients’ medical information as confidential
  • respect hospital property and equipment
  • examine your hospital bill and ask questions
  • pay your bill promptly; if there is a hardship, let us know so we may help you
  • tell your caregivers if they have not fulfilled their commitment to your care or showed concern and respect for you


Download-Blue Patient Rights & Responsibilties Brochure

If you would like to report quality concerns or submit a formal complaint, contact the Community Relations Department at 509.751.0222 or email.

Concerns or complaints that have not been resolved, may be directed to the Washington State Department of Health Public Relations at 800.633.6828.

Additionally, you may contact the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations at 800.994.6610 or email to register a complaint.

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